Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Diesel Generators: prices revised!

At ReadyGenerators.com we’ve always been able to provide customers with two great things: high quality (new and used) diesel generators, and, extremely competitive prices. Well now we’re pleased to let on to our customers that we have improved our prices even more!

Having undertaken a long running piece of competitor and market research into the sector of power generators, we’ve made our new diesel generators and used diesel generators prices’ all the more competitive – so much so that we urge you to seek a quote from us the next time you need diesel generators.

However, please don’t be alarmed by our revised prices. Just because they’ve been revised doesn’t mean our quality control and checking procedures have also been revised too! Same quality, just better priced diesel generators.

Based in the UK, ReadyGenerators.com is a supplier of affordable and reliable diesel generators.  
"Our power generators range from 7kVA to 3325kVA and are available as open or acoustic gen sets."

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Proud to display the prices of our Diesel Generators

At ReadyGenerators.com we have such outstanding relationships with some manufacturers of power generators that we know we are one of the most affordable global exporters of diesel generators around. 

In fact, so confident are we of our affordability, that in the next few days we will take the bold step of displaying all our prices, for all new diesel generators, on our website. This way our customers can see how affordable we really are and how transparent we are with our charging structure.  

Our vast range of diesel generators means that we should have a machine (whether it's Perkins Diesel Generators, Cummins Diesel Generators or others) that you need. 

Based in the UK, ReadyGenerators.com is a supplier of affordable and reliable diesel generators
"Our power generators range from 7kVA to 3325kVA and are available as open or acoustic gen sets." 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Being clear about CIF on our Diesel Generators

At ReadyGenerators.com we're quite used to sending our power generators to customers all over the World. And, in doing so, we're more than happy to either work with shipping company the customer selects or, if our client wishes, we can appoint a reputable shipping company on your behalf. Either way, we only ask you to pay the actually value of CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight), meaning we'll never ask you to pay us a commission on top. 

As we see it, buying new diesel generators or used diesel generators requires enough expense as it is and we don't want to make this unnecessarily more expensive for our clients. So, our promise to you, when you come to us for Diesel Generators, you will only pay the price for the goods themselves. 

If you're unfamiliar in dealing with shipping companies, then leave it to us. We have a great deal of experience with sending power generators all over the world and we'd love to send you diesel generators hassle free. 

Based in the UK, ReadyGenerators.com is a supplier of affordable and reliable diesel generators
"Our power generators range from 7kVA to 3325kVA and are available as open or acoustic gen sets." 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

ReadyGenerators.com >> Very Affordable Quality Diesel Generators

At ReadyGenerators.com we've always taken a great deal of pride in the quality of diesel generators we offer our clients for sale - if you're unfamiliar with this read about our power generators. Whether it's new diesel generators or used diesel generators you need we can be trusted to sell you a high quality machine.

However, we're aware that the word quality is sometimes mistaken for meaning expensive! With us this is not the case.

For example, from our used diesel generators stock list, take a look at our 1990 625kVA. This open machine (Perkins Diesel Generators) only has 371 hours on the clock and is available to you for £25,000 (GB Sterling) - Cost, Insurance, Freight is additional. I'm sure you'll agree, it's very affordable.

From our the stock list of new diesel generators we offer, take our Open 188kVA Cummins Diesel Generators. These machines are incredibly reliable and long-lasting, and come with the added reassurance that come with all Cummins machines. This could be yours for just £9,896 (GB Sterling). Along with quality we also offer all customers a 12 month warranty with all of our new diesel generators.

No matter where you live in the World we can get our products to you. Visit our website and see our power generators today.

Contact Ed Mulholland at Sales@ReadyGenerators.com to talk about your generator needs.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

ReadyGenerators.com >> now looking to increase it's Power Generator stock levels

It's been quite a few months at ReadyGenerators.com - our power generators have never been in so much demand!

We've had a great deal of success in selling our stock of used diesel generators to parts of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In December, we began to stock and sell new diesel generators, and now, in January, we're pleased to announce that we're on the look to bolster our stock levels of diesel generators even further by inviting approaches from people wishing to sell their old power generators. This move, we hope, will offer our customers an even greater choice of manufacturer and price.

However this doesn't mean we're about to buy any old generator. Quality has always been our biggest driver when selecting the best diesel generators to procure for re-sale to our customers. The power generators we're interested in must have low working hours, be a working machine and range between 5 and 3250 kVA plus it will need to be OK'd our engineer.

If you have diesel generators you'd like to sell please contact at Purchase@ReadyGenerators.com.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

ReadyGenerators.com now selling new diesel generators

Continuing from our success in selling used diesel generators, we, ReadyGenerators.com, is pleased to announce that we will be offer new diesel generators - as in straight from the factory floor. 

ReadyGenerators.com has always put quality before cost; and in this case, with our new diesel generators, we've made the conscious decision to only stock and sell British made diesel generators by World renowned manufacturers Cummins and Perkins.    

These generators will be available as both acoustic and open sets and cover a range of kVA outputs from 7.5 to 3325kVA. As these machines will also be custom made with options, we are advising clients telephone us to discuss their needs. As with all of our diesel generators, all stock purchased from us is available for shipping anywhere in the World.   

If you need power generators, please contact us via Sales@ReadyGenerators.com or calling +44 7546 66 83 14. You can also visit us at our website - ReadyGenerators.com


Mr Fadel Takrouri

Managing Director,


Monday, 5 December 2011

Diesel Generator Terms of Delivery: FOB vs ExWorks

There are indeed many different methods of actioning payment for and in receipt of diesel generators. What can hinder this process is a misunderstanding between the two parties (buyer and seller) about the actual terms of delivery.

Each dealership / manufacturer of new or used diesel generators will have their own preferred method - and who's to say which is right or wrong. But like with most things regarding the purchase of diesel generators, communication is ultimately key.

The two most common options regarding terms of delivery of diesel generators these days seems to be "FOB" (Fully On Board) or "ExWorks".

The former requires the seller to source and provide a package that includes all transportation and insurance (against loss or damage) of the goods from their depo to the buyers selected delivery point. This can be very useful for the buyer, as it removes the headache of booking suitable transportation and insurance - it is, to be frank the easier option for the buyer.

The latter, ExWorks, is the opposite to FOB whereby the buyer makes all the transportation and insurance arrangements for getting the diesel generator from A to B safely. Due to the nature of this agreement buyers get a greater sense of control over when and where their stock will arrive.

From our experience, at ReadyGenerators.com, we encourage our customers to opt for the "ExWorks" option. Why? It's simply, transparency. Because the buyer has arranged the transportation of the Diesel Generator they know exactly what they are paying for transportation. We've heard numerous horror stories of suppliers lumping great big FOB admin/handling fees onto buyers - so beware!

If you need power generators then please contact or visit us at our website - we promise to listen to you and find the generator right for you, not for us.


Mr Fadel Takrouri

Managing Director,